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questions are getting silly, the camera does add 5 pounds. see you tomorrow. neil: good evening. lou: breaking news there are conflicting accounting of claims that we're just hours away from a russian strike against ukrainian military bases on the crimean peninsula and ukrainian naval vessels in black sea, russia denies they made any such threats, one of those threats of described to surroundish there are arms and facilities by sudden-- 10 p.m. eastern time tonight or face a broad,
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military russian assault. you see russian tanks outside of the ukraine bases issue they have been moving into position, forces of russia, moving into position around the facility and bases on the cripplia, as of right now -- crimea, they have surrounded 10 military and naval bases, russia ambassador to united nations, claiming that deposed president yanukovich formally requested that russian military intervene to protect ethnic russians in crimean peninsula, here is ambassador va tally this afternoon. >> president has received of russia received following from president yanukovich, i quote, statements of president of ukraine. say that the events in my place, and in kiev, have resulted in fact that i would call on
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mr. putin is establish peace, law an "law & order", defending people of ukraine. lou: our ambassador. samantha power blasting the rush rob an federation calling their justification for mill ta rising cirmea, a lie. ambassador power did not use the wording invasion or incurring to describe the russian military act in crimea. >> so many assersions made this afternoon are without basis, it is a fact that russia has surrounded or taken over practically all fundaments in crimea, it is also a fact that independent journalists continue to report that there is no evidence of violence against russian or pro russian
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communities. communities. >> russians are still deny they threatened military action if ukraine fails to surrender, in the crimea. we will know within hours. just what the russian intent is. president obama and european union are now threatening to level economic sanctions against russia. if russia refuses to stan its forces down. president obama is looking to isolate russia. that will be tough to achieve geffen that european union's rely an on russia for much of its energy, more than 30% of the e.u.'s oil and gas, and under 30% of their coal is imported from russia. >> overtime, this will be a costly proposition for russia. now is the time for them to consider whether they can serve their efforts in a way that
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resorts to diplomacy. as opposed to force. lou: president meeting with his national security council on ukraine. question, is how muchhat only of the ukraine will putin take for now. joining us, fox news straggic analyst, lieutenant world knoll -- world knoll ralph meters, are they beyond in your equipment crimea. >> let me put nonsense about negotiation, and sanctions and how obama is going to punish putin in perspective, putin now owns ukraine, he will never give it back, he now owns it in a matter of time it will join russian fedding a,ration --
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federation, the question is how much more will he gobble and when? i am really concerned, i think that he sees it in for a penny in for a pound issue he has crimea why not just do it all now get all of the cavities pulled out during the same visit at the dentist. he does not fear obama, he does not fear europe, he exploded to notion of graduates that all world's problems can be solved with negotiation, putin reached with military, he used brute force, he will use as much as it takes, i don't like putin but he is a leader with clear goals, he is ruthless in obtaining those goals, i ask every one of those viewers, who do you will is the leader? who will win this computer u --
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putin or obama. lou: do you think he will end his military ambitions with crimea r take all of ukraine, what do you think? >> not sure about all, he may think that western ukraine is more trouble than its worst, i know at some points, he is going to want eastern ukraine. russian, the base and mines, and that my question is right now, or will that be that the future, we would like to have all of ukraine. right now he may think that with ukrainian nationalism rampant it may be more trouble than it worth. and he doesn't all of ukraine, he wants -- if he grabs it all, he has a border to baltic states, with poland, and hungary, and slew o slovakia,
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and romania, all nato states, and increase russia's territory, bred basket of western ukraine. lou: let me ask you this, russia depends on its marketing of its oil, a third largest producer behind saudi arabia and united states in the world. if the president, as he said, is to isolate russia, that would be crippling to the economy, i'm i am asking you is that manage that would be tollable for putin -- tolerable for putin or en range a person who angla merkel questions whether he is sane or not. >> yeah, i would say that watch what happens tomorrow with kery in kiev. after obama said something relatively mild in reproof of putin last friday, putin whacked crimea hard. i would expect a a embarrassing
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insense tomorrow while kerry is in ukraine. in theory, if principal, total sanctions would hurt russia but lou, it is academic, it is not going to happen, europeans wils s wail and cry, and wring their hands, europe will do business with russia, and china will do business with russia and iran circumstance before the end of his term, patrio barack obama will do business with russia, putin has already 1. lou 1 -- run. lou: markets in the world, stock
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down 14%. these are dramatic moves, russia is vulnerable on a certain level. >> well, yes, i do think so. in principle, but i just do not believe that the obama administration can provide sufficient robust leadership to concern europe ane anes to impress sanctions, there is so much that could be done but you hear just cancels visas, they can live without, that you have to hit bank accounts and trade, and kick them out of a g-8, keep them out. and then germans don't top do, that i don't see western unity, but looking atputin, he knows what he wants and he will do what it takes to get it it is a tragedy we have a weak ling are in a president. >> thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: president obama meeting with his israel's prime minister
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netanyahu at white house today. there is a end of april deadline for a april agreement on mideast peace, that looks closer, president obama today urging netanyahu to make tough decisions to salvage of process, netanyahu however, sounded pessimistic. >> israel has been doing its part. and i regret to say that palestinians have not. i know this flies in face of conventional wisdom, but, people of israel, know that is truth, because they have been living it. lou: palestinian president mahmoud abbas scheduled to visit white house in two weeks. >> on wall street stocks finished lower, dow sold off down 153, s&p down 14, and nazdaq fell 31. all over tension and anxiety over the ukrainian crisis, crude oil up more than $2, gold up
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$29. dollar gaining again most currencies, yield on 10 year dropping to 2.61%. carl icahn, publishing his fifth letter to ebay shareholders, demanding to inspect the company's books and records but he said please, was it please or pretty please? some republican redemptiotion matters of foreign policy in 2008, sarah palin said that russia may invade ukraine if then senator obama, contribute tiesed him as indecisive elected him to be president, and remember mitt romney said russia was our number one yeeo political foe, president obama wish he never uttered ttese words. >> when you are asked what is biggest geo mittal threat facing america you said russia, not al-qaeda, you said russia, in 1980s are now calls asking for
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their foreign policy back, quoalg war has beecoal we're has been over for 20 years. >> >> more obama tough talk, will russia's crimean incursion be as president promises in a cost low proposition, author michael ruben next. >> market take a tripl triple digiel tumble, sam stoval will join us next. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 09. orbiting the on in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from genetion to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families
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lou: a new twist in the she, won't she testify saga involving lois lerner, her attorney, reportedly offer to have lerner identify if she could testify
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behind closed-doors, summoned to appear on wednesday to house oversight committee, chairman issa may be able to wrap up at least one of these investigations, soon. this one, continues. as does every other major investigation, every scandal stone recalled by obama -- stone recalle walled by obama white house. >> time for action would have been 5 years ago, when russian forces invaded georgia, michael rubin, former pentagon official,. author of new book, dancing with the devil, perils of engagement. examine a half century of u.s. di diplomacy with rogue
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regimes, good to have you here there thank you. lou: tough took from that administration. whether it be kerry issue power or the president. there seems to be no lever to the united states for the reversal of what president putin has already done. >> you know, you are right. there is no magic formula. we can make life difficult for putin, v we have plenty in our quiver. but what are we doing to do to stop putin from taking the next step, are we going to protect baltic states and poland? lou: your judgment? what would be, do you believe that he is going to be putin will be satisfied with the crimea, is it a fore gone don'
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-- fore gone conclusion. >> i believe that possession is 90 per of the law, he possesses the crimea right now, the question is whether he will go for astern ukraine as well, there are large ethnic minorities elsewhere in estonia for example if putin feels he can get away with it if prac bracbarack obama it not going to put up any presistance. he will keep pushing. lou: poland, czech republic this president decided not to put missiles in those two countries, defensive missiles, part of the missile shield, to be used against rogue regimes such as iran. although, they still don't have missiles as far as we know that have kind of range. this is starting to look like a highly destablizing moment in
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history. >> you are right. thhs is how regional wars get started, one thing is is not openly discussed, is that we're rely on russia for removal of our equipment from afghanistan. as president obama goes into his idea for a transition or withdrawal, if not russia, pakistan. it is jumping from pot to the fire. lou: well, pots and fires, but, this is a president right now who it is clear, was wrong in his assessment of putin, and russia's ambitions, and looks like he has underestimated his administration and our different's ability to government's a bill to respond to such an act by russia, what is or recourse now, in your judgment, as a geo political analyst? >>, we have two main tracks to
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follow, one is arming the other states that border russia, giving them what they need to defend. second santions track there is no magic formula, but the question is whether europeaning ths will stand for it. we can work to get them out of g-8, i'm not sure that germans would stan for that, and we have world trade organization maybe, we allowed russia to get into. but putin faces a great deal of economy pressure at home, people compare him to brezhnev. because of the stag nation, 22% of russian said they would like to leave russia that is not something that putin wants to see, he worries about who happened in kiev could happen in
7:21 pm
moscow, but if he gobbles the ukraine, russian nationalism will forgive him a great deal. >> thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: senator mccain. saying, about dinners between the president, and republican senators last year, quote, he is a very articulate and attractive guy, in a setting with 8 or 9 senators and him, because he was smarter than the rest of us, but i don't see that now, i suspect there are 8 or 9 other senators willing to argue with senator mccain about that intelligence thing. up next, "forbes" magazine, reveals newest richest person in the world, very familiar face it is. a down day on wall street, but we'll be talking with s&p's sam stoval about what is next. next.
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lou: microsoft founder bill gates still pushing aside telecom tycoon carlos slim to regain the top spot on the forbes richest billionaires
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list. he had only 67 billion last year. that's a pretty big year. despite today's losses, wall street could rise another 26% over the next 12 months if the bull market hold. joining me now is the chief equity dramatist for s&p capital iq. 20%. >> let's get this straight. when i was doing was quoting history. showing the going back to world war ii, those bull markets that made it to this birthday in the sixth year, at least on average we saw an increase of 26% and there is no guarantee. and they could see the s&p by this time next year. lou: even with russian troops,
7:26 pm
even with presdient vladimir putin sending his troops in the eastern ukraine, this is a bit of a knock on the door today. and what would you expect? >> i thhnk first of all, you can call it that none of the u.s. industries were off by 1% or more. so when you have a major global power that takes over part of another sovereign nations country and the we could see 12% decline. we are looking at the market shocks or not to world war ii and i goes with the iraq invasion and etc.
7:27 pm
lou: so what should investors do here? >> i think investors should sit on the hands of their thinking about selling. even if we are due for a 10 to 15% decline. because on average it is taking us less than four months to break even after the decline of 10 to 20%. they are sending us into a downward spiral. we will start with car icon and
7:28 pm
carl ichan. what you make of it? what you think of it? >> what he wants is paypal you have ebay, which is a slow grower, two minutes opportunities and investor activist and we have a hold recommendation on ebay shares, it's basically a way to add investor our -- investor values. the. lou: apple shareholders don't like this telling them to get out of the stock. what do you think about? >> i think current culture is are part of social responsibility and if not, look
7:29 pm
somewhere else. lou: if you don't like it, get out of the stock. >> that wouldn't be the first person who has told me that. lou: listen to my financial report three times a day on the radio. and waiting for wayne newton's new thriller. it debuted in first place. bringing in $30 million. simon got a second place with $26.5 million. by the way we talk to the executive producers of thought about last week and they predicted this very success. >> 500,000 tickets, some of them are taking this list.
7:30 pm
they go in at 7:00 p.m. on any given night and the son of god. lou: warner bros., the lego movie capturing third and bringing $21 million for the academy awards, the highest in 10 years. the three and a half hour and then in which 12 years a slave one best picture and they all look like this. in a picture that became the most tweeted. stay with us, we are coming right back. more pictures coming up. the liberal mainstream media turning over russia and ukraine. fred barnes and judith miller
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connect with axa. lou: a powerful winter storm, shutting down washington dc along the eastern seaboard. the snowplows are doing their jobs. nevada had to be a thrill and according to one data company, but daiquiri number almost $6 billion because of the added expense and missed work days. joining us now is the "a-team." fred barnes, both a fox news contributor and let's go to "the
7:35 pm
washington post." because i think by any standard, at least online. president obama's foreign policy is based on fantasy. do we have that remark. >> the editorial board wrote that president obama has let a foreign policy based on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality as vladimir putin said that he will measure the seriousness after a statement and that is an amazing acknowledgment by "the washington post." >> i was pleasantly surprised to see and that includes the prime
7:36 pm
minister of england. putin is different. the state department and the white house was surprised at what he did. and he thinks the worst catastrophe of the 20th century is the class of this soviet union. and so he sees as any crisis or create a crisis in which he can advance the borders or lease the control of russia. and that is what he is doing. the world says that putin acts and obama talks. they want writing just about rush-hour vladimir putin, and
7:37 pm
they said this is tough stuff. they're abandoning their own views and their view has been to support that and that is obviously ended. >> the editorial page has been critical. lou: that we are trying to establish that. foreign policy is now repudiated. >> i think about remains to be seen. let's see how some of these things turn out. the one is president and this
7:38 pm
administration is claiming to this for redemption of the obama legate you. and that being said, i think that -- it's the only reporting on the six months ago. to your great credit. but we are talking about a president here and he has a foreign policy that isn't working anywhere in the world. >> the important places that must work at, it's not working at the moment. but i wouldn't go that far. i think that the iranian deal is undoubtably longer. and i don't know what will happen at the end. so i don't think that you are wrong. lou: i just want you to explain where it is working.
7:39 pm
if it is bona fide. >> i think it's working in iran. his effort to engage iran is working. more than anyone else's plans. >> it's not even working with canada. because of the pipeline. president obama has found a way. i was in asia last summer and the president earlier laster said that he was going to have a to asia and they want the u.s. involved in asia as they worry about china's the jansenism and bullying. we don't have enough of resident said that he was right to do this. nothing. >> let's look at his options you want i'm sorry, i have to interrupt you. we just received word that the pentagon had suspended all thoughts with russia. >> we're now seeing what the
7:40 pm
range of options on it. and i think it is a moment in the president is doing everything that he can do. to do what fred said. >> i find it utterly stupefied. and when we hear this, they are going to do this or do that. and when the world was it not the responsibility of the president of the united states, not to call them names, not td d to the things to get out. this is not the language of an american president. >> that's right, we have surprised him was something they don't want to do.
7:41 pm
>> so why didn't he listen to mitt romney? this is not complicated. a map two i happen to agree with the president on that one. our enemy is al qaeda. lou: what are your thoughts here? >> i think that you end of the tragedy are talking about the right thing. this is a test of the president. we saw president bush from the first president rally the world against the invasion. and briefly angela merkel is reluctant to do anything to have a strong sanctions. and it's going to take the president a few days and i'm willing to give him a few days to see what sanctions he comes up with the support of our allies. poland, of course, right on
7:42 pm
russia's side, we will see what happens with nato and what comes out of that. as a president, we have to give him a couple of days. he is being tested. let's see what he we can come up with. >> exactly. what did president bush do when vladimir putin women to georgia? absolutely nothing. so this is not exactly a new problem. it's a problem of russian nationalism and he basically wants to reestablish what he's lost. it is now to make him understand that the cost will be too high. i'm not willing to say that he can't accomplish that remark he has to take steps, you can't deal with him the way to deal with some allies and friends. you have to deal with him in the way that you describe. >> it's a little late in the game in the sixth year of a presidency to start trying to
7:43 pm
teach her medial presidents. so we thank you for this data. lou: up next, jan brewer allowing service to arizona. we will have that here next lls . lls . she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winninteam has to have one. somebo you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them. ♪ see what'sew at
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lou: arizona governor jan brewer vetoed the religious freedom bell. with other community leaders and faith leaders, slamming the bill and joining us now is glen campbell. and i think that governor jan brewer deserves great credit for having made it. your thoughts on the decision itself and the role of the chamber in supporting that
7:47 pm
position. >> for us while we are deeply appreciative of governor jan brewer vetoing the bill. she's arizona's iron lady. we felt we feel that we have made more progress than any other state in the country in terms of economic competitiveness. it was the faith-based community and also a lot of republicans in the poll that came out last week that showed two to one republican primary voters wanted her to veto it. there were tweaked out there from newt gingrich and mitt romney also requesting a veto. as well as five republican candidates running for governor of the state also requesting a veto. lou: i want you to know that we have reported that on this very broadcast. >> we appreciate that. and this was one where we were all talking about religious liberties. arizona has strong laws and we
7:48 pm
supported. >> support them when they enter with a suitable? >> we want to make sure that arizona is a welcoming society and you need to bring people together on different sides and vet out all of these things. and we looked and looked for a single instance of a violation of religious freedom that this bill would prevent in order to overcome. we have a state where 200,000 jobs rely on the tourism industry where we have major sporting event and we have this
7:49 pm
and we need to be able to attract talent, it's very clear that governor brewer reach the correct decisions. they said veto the law. the bill before becomes law. >> i've never seen this. the business community, we all came together. five republican candidates running for governor. >> we are out of time right now and we appreciate you being
7:50 pm
here. and congratulations to you and your support of the governor. up next, my commentary what does everything mean to you? with the quicksilver cash back card from capital one, it means unlimited 1.5% cash ba on everything you purchase, every day. it doesn't mean, "everything.. long as you buy it at theas station." it doesn't mean, "everhing... unl yohit your cash back limit." it means earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase, eve place, everocsion, all over creation. that's what everything should mean. so consider... what's in yo wallet? a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim.
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wee raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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lou: seemingly the only one not talking publicly about the ukrainian crisis is the man who precipitated the crisis with his order for russian troops to invade or carry out an incursion in crummy at. that man is the president of russia. latimer pruden. >> vladimir putin. it is quite a bit more difficult for quite a few of our government officials. they have been silent for most
7:54 pm
of their careers now they are talking and talking to. here's secretary of state john kerry. >> is going to lose on the international stage. russia is going to lose. the russian people are going to lose. he is going to lose all of the glow that came out of the olympics. his 60 billion-dollar extravaganza. lou: and of course secretary kerry is the same fellow. he was concerned about russia and vladimir putin in particular. how speaker john boehner was once the sink when he called vladimir putin a thug. and he sounded at least as angry with president obama as with presdient vladimir putin. saying the air in action of
7:55 pm
vladimir putin is a direct action since the disarming of his administration. >> when you ask what is the biggest geopolitical threat, you said russia. not al qaeda. he said russia. the 1980s are now calling that for the foreign-policy bet. lou: mr. obama was bring out the same candidate who said that al qaeda was on the run. just as our president, he had russian worries. the prophetic words of governor sarah palin.
7:56 pm
from sarah palin to mitt romney, that is what mr. obama has learned. president obama has gone too far as what some are saying. this must not stand. pj in arizona says thank you, i don't think anyone would say anything about mexico's responsibility for the illegal immigrants in this country. keep saying it. and what is the arsenal against russia? heavily armed and dangerous. keep those comments coming. my new book is a people. e-mail me at and
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follow us on twitter at lou dobbs news. that's it for "lou dobbs tonight." thank you for being with us. we will see you here tomorrow night. good night from new york. i'm looking forward to.. for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. iwe don't back down. we only know one direction:
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♪ ♪ neil: welcome, everyone, i am kneeled kudo. m punish himself oe latest ukrane leader seems to be his own undoing. let's see if you can climb out of this hole. here'shat happened today. russia turned bearish on its health. that would be like the dow jones crashing 1600 points in a single day. and the russian ruble crash against the dollar today. without the united states or europe or anyone doing

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